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Compassionate personal coaching sessions & guidance that harness a positive family building experience

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This is the home of The London Fertility Coach – an independent coaching company for clients experiencing fertility challenges whatever that journey may be. From early fertility issues like endometriosis and PCOS to Egg Freezing, IVF fresh and frozen, through Donor conception and Surrogacy in the UK and Internationally.  I am currently the only UK coaching provider to have experience of all fertility treatments and are passionate about using this expertise to help clients achieve their fertility goals. 

My commitment is to help you navigate your way successfully through the world of fertility and to help you achieve your fertility goals using my expertise and experience.  

I provide expert coaching based on my personal experience and network contacts rather than medical advice. However, I work closely with some of the best Harley Street clinicians in our network and am a fully qualified and accredited in NLP and Life Coach practitioner.  I am a member of the British Fertility Society and work closely with The Donor Network to ensure I stay informed of the latest developments in this field.

I have specialist expertise in the field of international surrogacy and work closely with the top surrgoacy agencies worldwide. She is well placed to coach on the surrogacy journey in the UK and abroad with specialist knowledge of the commercial markets.

We understand the journey is unknown and there are no guarantees but with the best team of experts behind you I can help you complete your family.

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I moved away from the corporate world as a director of a large global advertising agency as I found combining a career and fertility plans impossible. I also realised that there was so little support for women like me out there that I made it my goal to try and use this experience to help others. Sadly no one really understands the emotional and physical rollercoaster unless they have lived it.

My personal journey is available to anyone that would like to read it. I believe I am currently one of the only people in the world to have tried to conceive through almost all treatment options from egg freezing, IVF fresh and frozen, genetic testing, surrogacy in the UK and finally International surrogacy.  We succeeded after 8 years and I am now a blessed mother to a wonderful 2-year old who brings me huge joy every single day.  

However, I never forget how difficult this journey can be and having seen first hand the struggle of so many women to have a family. With this in mind I set out to become a fertility coach and help them navigate the complex, challenging and often heartbreaking path to having a child. 

I work hard to connect with experts who are pioneering the latest fertility techniques and research the latest procedures. I am very lucky to work with some of the best fertility lawyers in the industry and am a speaker at The Fertility Show. I am a qualified level 5 Life Coach and NLP practitioner which is the basis of my coaching skillset.

I am an empathetic, compassionate individual with a pro-active nature who will be completely focussed on helping you achieve your personal goals for your family.

Home: About Us


My coaching service is different from counselling, and if it’s counselling you are looking for I can recommend some great professionals. My coaching model is based on an accredited life coaching and NLP model and is more directional in its approach. Together we will discuss and explore the different treatment options available and the physical, emotional and financial considerations to help you make the right plan. Ultimately this will be your action plan tailored to your family goals and ambitions. I am a guide, coach and mentor, not a medical doctor so I will not give medical advice, just coaching based on my personal experience. This is typically how much coaching sessions are structured. I will hold your hand through the whole process as we work together on your journey.



Typically 3 sessions – 1.5 hours each week including one NLP/Life Coaching technique.

Sessions can be face-to-face or virtual.

30 minute free consultation to understand your coaching needs and an introduction to my fertilty coaching model.

Session 1

  • Gain a detailed understanding of your situation, fertility challenges, journey to date, family goals, current and future treatment options

  • Introduction to NLP/life coaching techniques and how they support coaching plan

Session 2

  • Goal setting session – fertilty SWOT, goals, vision for the future

  • Review of options available and development of initial 3-6 month action plan with support structure in place

  • NLP/life coaching technique

Session 3

  • Review of goals in line with current situation/treatment plan

  • Updates to 3-6 month plan and beyond

  • Coaching NLP/life coaching techniques

Follow up sessions to be tailored to client requirements and individual progress.

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The typical coaching plan would include 5 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each to support before, during or post the surrogacy journey or throughout the process.

The model is similar to the general fertility coaching plan but an additional 2 sessions are included for the post-birth stage to allow for extra support on the parents' return to a client’s native country.  In my experience, clients feel this is the most stressful part of the journey - trying to secure parental orders and navigating the legal framework. This is a process I have experienced and understand,

I also offer partner surrogacy coaching as, very often, in International surrogacy cases the partner needs to remain in the home country and can experience feelings of isolation and separation, coaching is particular beneficial in this instance.

It’s important to add that I will not be providing legal advice here as this is the role of lawyers, only personal recommendations based on my journey. I can, however, recommend lawyers I have used and the optimal time to engage with them on the journey.

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Whichever fertility treatment you have experienced, returning to our “normal” lives afterwards isn’t easy and for clients who have undergone international surrogacy there are challenges with birth certificates, DNA tests and parental orders to name but a few. My coaching model is focussed here on supporting couples that have returned home and are learning to adapt to a new family life. 

I would look at goals and plans for how to manage home lives, relationships and work challenges whilst building a supportive network for the family and emotional support for parents. 

For IVF patients, there is often a special healing process that needs to happen both emotionally and physically to arrive at a healthy place and I would look at re-setting goals here for your optimal wellbeing and overall care.

My overall goal for coaching is to help clients achieve their life plans and if I don’t succeed I would happily refund the cost of our plans.  Your happiness is our measure of success.

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Having worked in large corporates all my life and been through several fertility journeys in the workplace I’m passionate about working with companies to deliver the best-in-class fertilty support for their staff. Only 5% of employers know that women undergoing fertilty treatment are entitled to “maternity rights” from the point of embryo transfer. There’s a fantastic opportunity here to bring about positive change in the workplace and become more open and inclusive about fertility issues affecting 10% of the workforce today,

Using my own experience across all areas of the fertility treatment spectrum I now advise, coach and offer guidance into these key support areas:

For companies that wish to offer best-in-class fertilty support to their staff we can support the development of 'gold standard' fertility platforms including policy updates, benefits, guides, care packages and corporate coaching.

For companies that just wish to introduce the right educational platform we offer training, webinars, coaching and guidance to help line managers provide the best fertilty support to their staff. The ROI is productivity, retention and a positive work culture,



A corporate offering is flexible enough to be tailored to your individual needs. The above is an example of our complete package.

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ACCPH – NLP Practitioner level 4 and 5 and Life Coach

Member of British Fertility Society

BA Hons – Spanish and French 

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Give me a call 07941 293416 or complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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